The Business of Greenhouse Drawdown in the Dandenongs and Yarra Valley

Smart, strategic sustainability can deliver good business opportunities. It's an innovation opportunity for businesses big and small.

Is this you?

  • I'm based in the Dandenong Ranges or Yarra Valley
  • I want my business to make a positive, lasting impact
  • I want to meet like-minded business people
  • I want to take real action and make real progress
  • I want to be inspired by real world results
  • I'm prepared to look beyond what "everybody knows"

Starting on Monday 27th August and running through to December (at least), we're exploring for local opportunities to do better business. We'll meet fortnightly to develop ideas, strategies and projects.

If you'd like to explore solutions and opportunities, come and join our working group...

Interested in building a business for the future - starting today?

If you are an entrepreneur and:

  • Angry about a lack of "government action"
  • Worried about the future for your kids (or yourself)
  • Concerned that your industry could be doing more
  • Want to do more than sign a petition
  • Tired of "consumer guilt" programs
  • Pretty sure that you need (and want) to do more than carry a reusable coffee cup

Would you like to be excited and inspired and take more practical, meaningful action?

Explore for YOUR opportunities...

Research quantifying the top 100 current solutions for reversing global warming (Project Drawdown ) also quantified savings of $74 trillion globally in the next 30 years.

That means that every business has a chance to get a piece of the action, whatever their size.

Most of the Drawdown solutions turn out to be 'no-government-required' opportunities for business and community action.  So innovators can find all sorts of opportunities.

Drawdown isn't a weird exception, either.  Separate studies on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals estimate $12 trillion in private sector opportunity up to 2030, while Circular Economy innovation in Europe could deliver €1.8 trillion benefits in resource productivity.

The Real Sustainability Game is Business Innovation

It didn’t take government action to build the Internet, smartphones and an information-based economy – and we don’t believe we need government action to accelerate the developing shift to clean, renewable economy.

There’s a growing opportunity to develop an economy where businesses consume greenhouse gases, regenerate ecosystems and renew communities.

We want to create opportunities and solutions – especially where we live in the Dandenong Ranges. If you’re an entrepreneurial thinker and interested in accelerating the shift to a cleaner, fairer economy – regenerating local ecosystems and communities along the way – then let’s talk about how to create new opportunities.

We plan to start with the research of Project Drawdown, the design approaches of Systemic Design and the innovations of The Blue Economy, then see what local opportunities we can create.

Initially, we will meet fortnightly - starting Monday 27th August -  to develop opportunities, plans and strategies.

We’re hosted by Ranges Coworking in Montrose – and look forward to seeing you there.

Who's involved?

Our initiator is Leigh Baker - a local business analyst, copywriter and self-confessed sustainability junkie who has advocated for the opportunity side of sustainability for many years. Her enthusiasm has inspired members of our coworking group to action.

Leigh wrote The Deep Green Profit Handbook back in 2009 (and is currently working on an updated version, due for publication in 2019).

She abhors the doom and gloom stories of traditional environmental messaging, preferring to look at the smart opportunities in running a sustainable business.

Meet Leigh at our fortnightly working group, or read more about her at her website

Deep Green Profit Handbook

Leigh Baker - Author

Leigh is not only a wiz with words, she knows how to get people to take action.  I highly recommend her as a writer, mentor and educator. She provides a unique blend of know how and inspiration to engage and inform consumers and to empower entrepreneurs to build success stories.
- Anne-Maree McInerney, CEO - MOSS


What if I can't make the first meeting?

We'll be working through the new business models and design thinking early in the process, then revisiting them as we move into action.

There will be catchup reading available, too.  Of course, if you can get in close to the start of the working group, things will work better for everyone.

What if I'm not in business?

If you're just interested in ideas, then this group may not be for you. Our goal is to create meaningful business projects, not just talk about concepts.

Can you significantly influence a business, an industry or a supply chain?  Do you work in a business, even if you don't run one?  If so, then you might be a good fit.

Can't make Montrose on Mondays?

If you can't make the F2F sessions, but you still want to explore your opportunities to be part of the solution, let me know what you're interested in.

It could be what you're passionate about, what you want to achieve, what you don't understand, what more your want to know, what you need to take you forward....