Better Business…

Bigger Impact…



Build a 5 year plan to make your SME business
a regenerative business

TURN new opportunities into increased resilience:

  • IDENTIFY smart, high impact opportunities
  • BUILD your capability to turn possibilities into practical strategies
  • UNLEASH your team’s energy
  • ASSESS your risks and opportunities
  • MEASURE your progress and success against your purpose

Discover how to more difference in the world…

AND more profit…

BUT NOT at the cost of local ecosystems and communities

20+ years of sustainability innovation has brought a broad smorgasbord of profitable regenerative business solutions to market.

New business opportunities – and whole new industries – are opening up rapidly. At the same time, some more traditional businesses are about to go down the path of video hire stores and buggy whip makers.

The opportunity to do better business BY making a better world is growing every day – and it’s catching on in business of all sizes.

We’ve been told for decades what government and big business “should” do – with a strong emphasis on compliance. The same media has been almost completely silent about the full spectrum of opportunities – especially for SMEs.

Explore today’s rich smorgasbord of SME opportunity

A wealth of opportunities is available (along with some significant threats) for SME business operators. To prosper you need to:

  • Know what the key trends are and what they mean for your industry.
  • Understand how those trends translate into opportunities to improve your business AND your local community.
  • Develop plans to respond strategically, leveraging opportunities and reducing threats.

Get practical help to build the strategic plan you need to thrive

We have developed this robust, interactive strategic planning workshop specifically for SMEs. Our process will guide you to create a plan that improves your business AND increases your impact.

By working through this process, you will build an actionable plan that enables you to measure the progress, success and impact of your business.

This isn’t “training” where you “learn new stuff” that you take away to “action later”. This is a practical, interactive 8-day workshop. In it, our experts guide you through a practical, SME-specific planning process that will begin your transition from extractive to regenerative business strategies.

Our goal is to enable your business to make the shifts that will give you access to the rich smorgasbord of commercial solutions that experts are now calling:

“…the biggest business opportunity in human history” Dr Jonathan Foley, CEO of Project Drawdown

Drawdown 101 — An Introduction to the Science of Climate Change Solutions

What IS regenerative business?

Regenerative Business is business intentionally designed to “do well BY doing good”.

Regenerative businesses plan and act on strategies designed to actively make the world better (not just “less worse”).

You realign your business – and plan your transition to making good profits from delivering valuable products and services that regenerate your local ecosystems and communities as well as your bottom line.

Regenerative business strategies shift the way you deal with your environment from compliance and obligation to opportunity – by exploring how you can achieve bottom line results through an impact lens.

Regenerative business benefits multiply with effective Strategic Planning

Good results don’t happen by accident. A new strategy may start with curiosity, passion or frustration – but results happen when you set an intention, unleash your team and make strategic plans to turn your intention into action.

You don’t need to understand the internal combustion engine to drive a car – what you DO need to know is the road rules and what the instrument panel is telling you.

There’s a massive amount of information and truck loads of environmental “shoulds” out there – but the core principles of regenerative business strategy are pretty straightforward.

The technical specifics vary from industry to industry across the supply chain – but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand:

  • what the key trends are.
  • how to spot your opportunities.
  • how to minimise your risks.

What the program will cover

In this unique program, we combine a proven, SME-centred strategic planning process with straightforward regenerative business principles and processes.

That means you don’t just “learn about” regenerative business – you also integrate it into your business purpose and update your business vision, goals, strategy and plans as well.

When you complete this program, you will be able to:

  • Apply 10 straightforward regenerative business principles to your business and your industry environment.
  • Identify key trends and understand the opportunities and threats that apply to your organisation.
  • Create and update a strategic plan for your organisation that you can use to increase your impact and your bottom line.

Practical guidance tailored to SME needs

Our SME specialists are a select team who cover regenerative business, strategic planning, measurement, finance and R&D. That means your reputation is protected and your brand is enhanced.

You get:

  • Insight and understanding on regenerative business strategies developing across the supply chain.
  • Financial guidance on how to make those strategies deliver results.
  • Measurement guidance so you know how to prove your impact and your value.
  • Strategic planning process designed specifically to increase SME success.
  • R&D guidance so you can make the most of any relevant funding.

The workshop will be highly interactive, and driven by your needs and your business. It will give you both high-level principles AND detailed examples relevant to SMEs.

You don’t need a degree in environmental science or social work to have a positive impact – just a relevant, practical planning process so you can guide your team and measure your outcomes against your intent.

Workshop objective

When you actively participate, our goal for you is that by the end of this workshop, you will have created a 3 – 5 year regeneration-focused strategic plan for your business

Your plan will map out a path for your business to become more profitable through your contribution to creating a better future for you, your business and the communities you serve.

Deliverables that you will receive:

  • 8 day online workshop, 4 x 1 hour content sessions per day PLUS facilitated working sessions.
  • 8 x daily inspiration packs of local case studies and action options.
  • Work books, activity guides, references and slide shows for each session.
  • Private online Facebook group.
  • 8 x daily Q&A sessions.
  • Support to develop cost-effective strategies that work for your business.

Your commitment

It’s YOUR business – YOU are building YOUR plan.

For YOUR plan to take YOU forward, you need to:

  1. SHOW UP

We will support you and ensure that you have the information and tools you need to put in place a realistic plan to implement cost saving/profit growth opportunities for your business.

Our commitment

As long as you genuinely:


Then if you haven’t identified steps that at least cover the cost of this workshop, then we will continue to work with you until you achieve the outcome you’re looking for.

Your expert facilitators

The workshop is co-presented by a panel of expert facilitators -who are experienced in the SME space. Their skills range from regenerative business and strategic planning to finance, marketing and impact measurement.

Regenerative Business Specialist
Leigh Baker

Impact Measurement Specialist
Elaine Hendrick

Strategic Planning Specialist
Lisa Wiking

Finance Specialist
Robin Snellling

R&D Specialist
Scott Amberley

Networking/ Communications Specialist
Brenda Thomson

When? Where? How much?

When: 22 May 2023 – 1 June 2023 (excluding Friday 26 May)

Where: online using REMO and a private Facebook group.

How much? $1,497 +GST

$1,197 +GST for BB4G members (20% discount)


*** Talk to us about discounts for additional team members.

Want to know more?

Contact Leigh Baker for more information.

Ready to start your Regenerative Business Journey?

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About Better Business For Good

We’re a social enterprise on a mission to ensure every small business has access to the knowledge and support they need to succeed. That’s what we’ve been doing since we we began 17 years ago.

Too many businesses struggle and fail…

NOT because of poor products or services, but because they didn’t know what they didn’t know about running a successful, profitable business

We’re here to make sure that every business with good products or services has access to the knowledge and support they need to succeed. We want to halve the rate of small business failure by enabling SMEs to measure their business skills and improve them.

“What you don’t measure, you can’t improve!” and our BIPlan System helps you to identify how to make your business better.

This workshop is our latest initiative – it designed to connect SMEs with the opportunity side of “this sustainability thing” so they can increase their impact and take their business to the next level.

We’ve designed it around one of the fundamental SME success skills – strategic planning. We guide you through a SME-specific regenerative business planning process to find your best opportunities. You get to update your strategic plan AND find new opportunities.


The fundamental design of business supply chains is changing – and driving a smorgasbord of innovation across all industries and businesses of all sizes.

Forward-looking SMEs have substantial opportunities – IF they know where to look for them and how to action them.

It’s business DESIGNED to regenerate the ecosystems and communities it operates within.

Most businesses HAVEN’T been designed to be good from the ground up – so they automatically continue the extractive nature of the supply chains they operate within. Those that understand their impact can change their impact AND benefit in the process.

No – definitely not.

This is a practical, hands-on strategic planning workshop – it’s WAY more than training.

Over the course of the workshop we help you to align your business purpose, vision, strategy and goals with today’s leading regenerative business principles and practices. Then help you to update your business plan.

Your people will have a new reason to come to work.

Your customers (and your family) will have a sense that you’re part of active solutions today.

Every service business works in a supply chain – and hence has a smorgasbord of opportunities to support the change they want to see in the world.