The Deep Green Profit story
… so far

Hello, I’m Leigh Baker

I’m a supply chain analyst, writer and regenerative business provocateur.

When I started my sustainability journey back in 2002, I was excited and inspired by what I found. I had been a supply chain consultant for years and was working as an executive coach.

The opportunities and impact of regenerative business just made so much SENSE to both my manufacturing past and my business coaching work.

I was a book junkie, so I dived into the exciting new ideas from the big thinkers – great ideas in classic business books like Natural Capitalism, The Natural Step, Biomimcry and Cradle to Cradle.

In the following years as I coached and consulted and researched, I was also searching for “the short version” in book form. (Something as straightforward as Who Moved My Cheese.)

I couldn’t find the book I wanted – so in 2009 I wrote The Deep Green Profit Handbook.

The original Deep Green Profit Handbook

The 2009 DEEP GREEN PROFIT HANDBOOK was great for its time. In under 100 pages of easy-to-read font it explained the design principles for smarter, greener, more profitable business – and gave some useful examples.

But the world has changed a lot since 2009. Innovators and entrepreneurs have developed and delivered a whole range of new solutions to the market. They’ve added depth to their design principles with developments from The Circular Economy and Doughnut Economics to Systems Thinking and Disruptive Design.

They’ve used those principles to build practical, profitable commercial and community solutions.

The core insights of the Deep Green Profit Handbook still apply. However, today there’s a broad, exciting smorgasbord of opportunity ready to be actioned. If I detailed just 1/100th of it in a book, it would become an encyclopedia (and most likely a door-stop).

Dee[p Green Profit Handbook

I’m working on an update on the core principles – Deep Green Profit REVISITED

More and more smart entrepreneurs and radical industrialists are turning them into profitable business action.

So – while the impact of the human race on 9 different planetary boundaries have grown – the technology, the infrastructure, the range of solutions AND the opportunities have also multiplied.

I still haven’t found that “no-nonsense, solutions-focused guidebook” – so I’m in the process of updating mine.

By the end of 2024 you’ll be able to explore them in Deep Green Profit REVISITED.

But you don’t have to wait for the new book …

Because in the mean time I’ve built the Deep Green Profit INSIGHTS .

If the new book isn’t going to be a massive doorstop , then I need to have the details and especially the examples online. And I’ve done that bit…

What’s going in to the hard copy book – and more – you can get today through the Deep Green Profit INSIGHTS email series. When you sign up for the email series, you can read the updated principles, hear the latest stories and share your own experiences.

The Deep Green Profit INSIGHTS are just one aspect of what I do

I’ve been “doing sustainability” since 2002, and consulting, mentoring and writing a whole lot longer. It’s been a fascinating, exciting, inspiring journey.

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The Deep Green Profit INSIGHTS are the building blocks for the new book Deep Green Profit REVISITED, a work-in-progress due for completion in 2024.

Register your interest in the new book and get at 50% discount PLUS a free ebook copy of the original Deep Green Profit Handbook.

Do YOU have a story of Deep Green Profit?

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