Welcome to the world of regenerative business - sustainability for fun and profit

Hello, I’m Leigh Baker – business analyst, writer and regenerative business provocateur.

When I started my sustainability journey back in 2002, I was excited and inspired by what I found. I had been a supply chain consultant for years and was training as a business coach.

The opportunities and impact of regenerative business just made so much SENSE to both my manufacturing past and my leadership coaching present.

I was a book junkie, so I dived into the exciting new ideas from the big thinkers – ideas in books like Natural Capitalism, The Natural Step, Biomimcry and Cradle to Cradle.

In the following years as I coached and I read and I learned, I was also searching for “the short version” .

I couldn’t find a straightforward introduction – so I wrote one….

I wanted the Who Moved My Cheese? of regenerative business.  A short, clear, positive handbook for action.   Minimal doom and gloom, minimal "why", just practical, useful information about how to design and develop smarter, cleaner business.

With a speaking gig looming in 2009, I stopped looking for “the right book” and started writing.

The result was the Deep Green Profit Handbook,  which presented the opportunities, the strategic thinking that would uncover them, and the practical ways to identify them – all in less than 100 pages.

Deep Green Profit - the book that became an email course

The world has moved on since 2009.  Innovators and thought leaders have been adding depth to their design principles with developments from The Circular Economy and Doughnut Economics to Systems Thinking and Disruptive Design.

The names have changed, the thinking has been refined - but the principles are the ame.

So - while the human impacts on 9 planetary boundaries have grown - the technology, the infrastructure, the range of solutions AND the opportunities have also grown.

(I never did find that "no-nonsense, solutions-focused guidebook")

Things are changing so fast that a handbook for today will be out of date tomorrow.

So the handbook has become an email course - that way I can keep the content fresh and the examples up to date.