Find YOUR next business opportunity using a
Deep Green Profit strategy

Did you know that the first ever analysis quantifying the top current, commercial, scalable Global Warming solutions (Project Drawdown - 2017) quantified global savings of $74 trillion?!?!

The research findings define a proven strategy for accelerating the shift to: economy that consumes greenhouse gases and restores ecosystems

Separate research into the UN Sustainable Development Goals estimated $12 trillion in private sector opportunity by 2030.

When you break down these global numbers by industry, region and business size, it turns out that there's a whole heap of opportunity waiting to be developed by businesses of all sizes.

Yet talk to most people in small, medium and large businesses about "the environment" and they'll tell you that it's not an opportunity for their business.

Business opportunities are hiding in plain sight

If you've been assuming that "the environment" is something for government to take care of or a way to do some charity work then you're probably missing out.

Whether you repair refrigerators or sell flowers, it's worth asking "Where are MY opportunities?"

Where could you explore for your share of Deep Green Profit action?

I'm a wordsmith, business analyst and self-confessed sustainability provocateur. I've been exploring regenerative business (the opportunity side of sustainability) since 2002.

I'm excited about the inherent opportunities in running a business on the principle of "doing well BY doing good".

I love the wealth of solutions and their elegant simplicity. But all too often they're buried deep in complex language and served up with a whole heap of guilt, fear, doom and gloom.

That's what led to the first edition of The Deep Green Profit Handbook in 2009. That's what's behind the ongoing work I do at Balance3.

And that continuing passion is behind this blog - a straightforward update on the latest on where and how to get a piece of the growing Regenerative Business re-evolution.

Leigh Baker - Author