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So you have a business – but do you think of it as a sustainability business?

Every business today that uses environmental resources IS a sustainability business – and often one with big innovation opportunities.

The old spiel about how “the environment” is up to big business and big corporations is increasingly out of date. The idea that “being green” is about using less, complying with regulations and purchasing expensive offsets is as dated as the fax machine.

It may be what well-intentioned sustainability experts and alarming media stories have been telling you for decades – but it’s the boring, expensive part.

It’s also a fog of dis-information that’s hiding a wealth of innovation opportunity for nimble, entrepreneurial smaller businesses.

Most of what’s wrong with the environment is a result of the way our products and services are designed, built and delivered.

And designing, building, delivering and improving the products, systems and services we use every day is mostly done by business.

So the solutions – and the opportunities – are all about business innovation. And the early adopters and entrepreneurs of recent decades have also found them excitingly profitable.

The design thinking on today’s commercial solutions happened back in the 1980s and 1990s. So with today’s smart technology we have all the tools and technology to deliver them at scale, with benefits all around.

“Sustainability for fun and profit”

However, if you’re not tuned in to the design principles driving the opportunity side of sustainability then you could well be missing out.

The clouds of “everybody knows” news stories on dire problems and expensive compliance mean you could well be hiding your piece of the action. An exciting new wave of innovation opportunity is building – along with increasing demand for solutions.

To find their specific opportunities, SMBs need to…

Understand the new game

the new design principles and development frameworks.

Know where to look

for the smarter business models and best developing technologies


the proven implementation tools that make innovation delivery more fun and less risky.

Which means they need…

  • Simple principles for building smarter, better solutions
  • Presented with digestible, straightforward explainations
  • Illustrated with lots of current, relevant examples
  • WITHOUT the typical high doses of gloom and doom and guilt and blame.

Leading edge business managers, designers, entrepreneurs and engineers have been quietly building and testing solutions that create competitive advantage for decades. Strategies are proving out from Morwell to Madagascar…

There’s a wealth of great strategies, good ideas and accessible action – along with great results. So once you tune into them you can create your own local opportunities in your supply chain and the community where you live and work.

The solution: The Deep Green Profit INSIGHTS

Practical ongoing updates to your Inbox, presented in straightforward business language with useful examples and actionable ideas.

Why the Deep Green Profit INSIGHTS?

They’re deep – because they go to core business strategy. They’re about real supply chain innovation, not superficial compliance and window-dressing.

They’re green – because they’re about win/win/win thinking where business success also regenerates ecosystems and communities.

They’re about profit – because cleaner, smarter and safer is more profitable in the long term. Smart business people already know that quality isn’t a cost and safety isn’t a cost. Today, sustainability isn’t a cost – it’s an opportunity.

They’re insights – a new understanding tuned to SMB needs, developed by a supply chain analyst with 30+ years experience in the world of SMB and manufacturing. They distil 20+ years of research and communication on the growth of profitable green business models.

Are the Deep Green Profit INSIGHTS for you?

  • DGP is for you if you’re an entrepreneurial thinker prepared to invest where there’s significant business potential.
  • DGP is for you if you think that the environment that delivers your food, water, air and weather might be worth investing in.
  • DGP is for you if you’re ready to think beyond what “everybody knows” about how to do good business.
  • DGP is for you if the notion of government-designed and delivered supply chain solutions scares your socks off.

No doom, gloom and destruction – guaranteed.  This is about “is it better?” and “is it more fun?” and “is it a challenge worth taking?”

The world’s entrepreneurs and inventors have been busy for decades. The results of their work is now scaling, accelerated by today’s technology.

Leigh Baker

Hello, I’m Leigh Baker – business analyst, writer and regenerative business translator.

When I started my sustainability journey back in 2002, I was excited and inspired by the practical solutions I found. At the time I had been a supply chain consultant for decades and was working as a leadership coach.

The opportunities and impact of regenerative business just made so much SENSE to my manufacturing past and my business coaching work.

I was a book junkie, so I dived in to the exciting new ideas from big thinkers and leading entrepreneurs – Natural Capitalism, The Natural Step, Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation, Circular Economy and Biomimicry.

I was also looking for “the short version” for my busy executive clients – but I couldn’t find it. In 2009 I wrote my own – The Deep Green Profit Handbook.

While there are more solutions and many more business examples, the principles driving Deep Green Profit haven’t changed. So I now offer The Deep Green Profit INSIGHTS as an ongoing email series.

Along with the principles of strategic sustainability, your regular Inbox Insights come with up-to-date examples from the world of business. You’re not just getting theory – you’re keeping up with the increasing number of real businesses doing real innovation.

The Deep Green Profit INSIGHTS are just one aspect of what I do

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